A vision for the future of Carlow Town. Transforming and improving its economy, society and environment for the next 20 years.


Check out some of the latest projects we have planned
or completed recently.

Potato Market

A reimagined and redesigned Potato Market will be a ‘game changer’ for Carlow Town. This transformational project will refocus and overhaul this crucial urban location.

Barrack Street

Renewing and improving streets is a constant feature of urban development and its essential that each time changes happen they bring benefits.

Barrack Street pedestrian link

To create a successful place it has to be truly accessible to all and link key areas or districts. A link from Barrack Street to Potato Market has been envisaged for some time.

Carlow College link

The natural environment is one of the key assets of any urban area and in Carlow College the Town has a unique asset which can be optimised.

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