Vision and Strategy

Vision Statement for Carlow

Carlow Town aims to be a town that works well for everyone, with a strong and diverse economy, a compact and accessible layout, and a healthy and inclusive environment.

Social Outcomes of Healthier Streets

To achieve this vision, Carlow Town will create healthier streets that will benefit the people who live, work and visit the town. Some of the benefits include:

  • Safer and more pedestrian-friendly streets
  • Less car dependency and traffic congestion
  • Better air quality and lower carbon emissions
  • More active travel options such as walking and cycling
  • Easier access to services and amenities
  • More town centre living opportunities
  • Improved public realm with a unique urban identity
  • Enhanced general wellbeing and social cohesion

Regeneration Strategy for Key Opportunity Sites

The regeneration strategy will focus on improving the connections between the main retail, educational and civic spaces in Carlow Town. This will encourage people to spend more time in a vibrant and modern town centre that offers a variety of activities and experiences.

The strategy will also promote more sustainable forms of movement around the town, such as public transport, walking and cycling. This will reduce the need for car use and parking spaces. Furthermore, the strategy will seek to re-establish a residential population within the town centre by providing attractive housing options, quality public spaces and access to civic uses.

The Vision & Strategy

A livable, inclusive and sustainable town with a robust economy. Healthier streets, enhanced public realm, Town Centre living and civic uses, improved connectivity and accessibility. Regeneration and quality of life for all.