Potato Market & Kennedy Avenue

Cultures and climates differ all over the world, but people are the same. They gather in public if you give them a good place to do it – Jan Gehl


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Design Team Appointed


Design & Planning Process


Planning Approval


Construction Tender


Construction Stage


Project Complete

Project Overview:

A reimagined and redesigned Potato Market will be a ‘game changer’ for Carlow Town. This transformational project will refocus and overhaul this crucial urban location within the Town Core, breathing new life into the space and surrounding businesses. The change will be measurable in terms of both its visual appearance and uplift to the main business area.

The redesign of Potato Market will utilise one of the most plentiful features of any town, which is its streets. They are places that connect and bring people together and in the case of Potato Market the reallocation of space back to the public domain will be the catalyst for wider urban regeneration and prosperity.

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