Carlow College Link

For years we have been putting the City in the landscape, now let’s start putting the landscape back into the City – Jean Nouvel


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Project Overview:

The natural environment is one of the key assets of any urban area and in Carlow College the Town has a unique asset which can be optimised through well designed upgrades to play a role in an expanded open space network. Its sylvan qualities and linkage capability provides a special opportunity to link the Train Station to the Town Centre in a direct manner along a route of interest and beauty.

The proposal ensures the optimum use of underutilised spaces and connections while integrating the existing social, educational, cultural and historic assets of the Town. The greater exposure of these assets will build civic pride and promote local appreciation for the betterment of all. This linkage project will not only be of interest to visitors but will engage the Towns residents and bring greater utilisation of the area as part of the wider network of activity routes proposed around the Town Centre. By delivering this project, the amenity for everyone will be greatly improved.

It has the potential to be recognised as an exemplar for connectivity between a towns public transport node, an educational campus and a revamped urban centre. All key components of any urban area the opportunity to link them will have cumulative benefits to not only the town but Carlow College and the train station in terms of attractiveness and accessibility.

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