Barrack Street Pedestrian Link

You can’t rely on bringing people downtown, you have to put them there – Jane Jacobs


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Project Overview:

To create a successful place it has to be truly accessible to all and link key areas or districts. A link from Barrack Street to Potato Market has been envisaged for some time and we now have the opportunity to deliver on this crucial project. Connecting the old and the new, this direct route between local destinations and services is being achieved through the reallocation of road space to deliver a safer environment for walkers and cyclists while facilitating the needs of the town centres commercial activities. The proposal is a permeable and well connected urban intervention that has human scale and attractive streetscapes. As a local street with unnecessary traffic volumes removed it becomes a safe environment for all.

One of the key aims of this proposal is to promote ‘retail prosperity’ at a time when the sector faces challenges. However, this proposal encourages consolidation and linking the modern shopping centre to the east with the retail core will leverage competitive advantages for the Town. While the physical link in itself is crucial, the quality of place that is envisaged will attract not only those wishing to use it for its transient benefits but also people who want to dwell and interact.

As with all proposals as part of this Town Centre project it has not been conceived in isolation and is an integral part of a wider connectivity and activity objectives.

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